South Carolina Philharmonic: A Concert for Columbia

cl-160828 nakaharaIn the wake of the devastating flooding in the state capital in October of 2015, the South Carolina Philharmonic presented a program to celebrate the community’s resilience. They performed a masterpiece by Beethoven that reflects the noblest attributes and highest aspirations of the human spirit. Then the program moves to Charleston for a chamber concert of music by Brahms.


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BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 9 in D minor

South Carolina Philharmonic
Tina Milhorn Stallard, soprano
Janet Hopkins, soprano
Adam Kirkpatrick, tenor
Jacob Will, bass
Morihiko Nakahara, conductor 

BRAHMS: Piano Quartet No. 1
Andrew Armstrong, piano
Karen Kim, violin
Ben Weiss, viola
Timothy O’Malley, cello 

COPLAND: Buckaroo Holiday from Rodeo
South Carolina Philharmonic
Morihiko Nakahara, conductor

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