A Rare Bird: Bellini's 'The Capulets and the Montagues'


THE HIT SINGLE: "How Many Times ..."

Midway through Act One, Juliet (soprano Jessica Pratt) is alone in her room. Dreading her arranged marriage to Tebaldo, and longing for Romeo, she sings the aria "O quante volte," saying, "How many times must I weep …"

THE B SIDE: "May your soul be at peace"

In Act Two, Romeo and Tebaldo (mezzo-soprano Sonia Ganassi and tenor Karl Rombo) are about to fight a duel over Juliet's love when they're interrupted by her funeral procession. The scene begins gently, with a chorus wishing Juliet eternal peace. But before long the two men are at it again, this time in a vehement -- and decidedly operatic -- dispute over whose grief is more profound.