A Subtle Sequel: Rossini's 'The Turk in Italy'


THE HIT SINGLE:  "An old Turkish custom"

In a rapid-fire duet, early in the second act, Selim (Carlo Lepore) and Geronio (Paolo Bordogna) meet in a tavern to discuss their differences.  Selim relates the Turkish custom of lustful princes offering to buy the wives of other men for a fair price.  Geronio responds by describing the Italian custom of countering such offers with a quick punch in the nose!

THE B SIDE:  "A bothersome old man"

The comic high point of Act Two may be a madcap ensemble at the costume ball.  Selim and Fiorilla (Carlo Lepore and Nino Machaidze) encounter Narciso and Zaida (Edgardo Rocha and Samantha Korbey) -- who are dressed as Selim and Fiorilla. That complicated quartet becomes a quintet when the "old man" Geronio joins in, so confused that he can't even tell which of the women is his own wife.