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Episode 90: Shopping for Chopin

Nocturne in B Major, Op. 9, No. 3

rc-shopping-200You know the one, that groaner of a pun, "Chopin Liszt," printed across the tops of memo pads? Well, suppose we put Chopin on that "Liszt?" Grab your cart – let’s go “Shopping for Chopin!”

Chopin liked fine things. So why not start with a splurge? Behold, the Montblanc Chopin Fountain Pen. $399 worth of black precious resin, garnished with a hand-crafted 14K gold nib topped off with platinum inlay. (What's "precious resin?")

Do you "love the interplay of soft, smooth leather and natural elements?” asks Nine West. “Who wouldn’t?” I reply. “Then you should examine the trend-right Chopin ankle strap sandal,” they advise. In the cart, size nine. $88.95.

This is too wacky to resist. Chopin for Cats. Pando Music promises the CD will "...stimulate your pet’s senses and create an overall sense of well-being…special sound effects such as purring, birds chirping, and household noises have been added to captivate your pet…” Throw it in. $14.95.

Company’s coming, so let’s hurry up: For her: Chopin Nocturne Ring No. 47 for $153.50 and the Chopin Mazurka Necklace No. 55 at $253.50. For him: the "Chopin Portrait Tie." Chopin's face in gold silk Not bad. $24.95. Wait, there’s more: The Chopin T-shirt. Coffee mug. Chopin clock. Chopin cufflinks???

Here’s a set of Composers Christmas Ornaments: Mozart, Bach, Brahms and Chopin. Sort of. Original retail, $40. Your price, $14.98. Grand total: $1,033.63.

Yikes! Someone get me a drink! Better throw in a liter of Chopin Vodka. $44.95.

Better yet, let’s listen to some of Chopin’s music to soothe our shopping-frenzied nerves. At last check there are 20,590 individual Chopin downloads available at Amazon.com. I plunked down my 99 cents to get this nocturne. - Jennifer Foster

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Radio Chopin Episode 90: Shopping for Chopin

Nocturne in B Major, Op. 9, No. 3

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