Joe Brant

Joe BrantJoe Brant's radio career began in 1976 at a small commercial station in Galion, Ohio, where he worked as an announcer and producer. The public radio phase of his career started in 1978 at Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan where he worked at WCMU as an announcer and public affairs producer, eventually becoming the program director.

Joe left WCMU in late 1984 to travel to Concord, New Hampshire and work at WEVO (another public radio station) as the program director. In November 1985, he moved to Charlotte to work at public station WFAE and has been here ever since. His jobs at WFAE were many: classical music director, announcer, producer, supervisor, operations manager. Since coming to WDAV in 1999, Joe has been an announcer/producer and operations manager.

Joe has a great love for classical music, and& shares his enthusiasm with others daily during his WDAV airshift. In his spare time he also listens to other forms of music, including jazz and other stuff not as easily classified. When music isn't there, literature usually is or non-fiction or commentary on contemporary political issues. Henry James' work is a favorite. Joe lives in Charlotte with his wife Xanie and their cat Gladys.

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