Mike McKay

Mike McKayMike McKay has been a familiar presence in Charlotte broadcasting for over three decades. Before coming to WDAV, he was well known as WBTV's popular weather anchor and Entertainment Editor from 1967 To 1995.

Mike started his career in broadcasting when he was fourteen at radio station WKPT in his hometown of Kingsport, TN. The job offered a wealth of opportunity, and Mike was everything from Top 40 DJ to newscaster, sportscaster, and "anything else that needed to be done." After graduating from high school, he went on to Vanderbilt University and began working in television at WSM-TV while in school.

After his sophomore year at Vanderbilt, Mike received an offer to move to Charlotte and WBT/WBTV, so he finished his educational work at UNC-Charlotte, earning a B.A. in History and M.Ed. in Counseling while working fulltime in radio and television. The work at WBTV took him to most of the fifty states and quite a few locations overseas, but during all the travel he remained a devoted "Carolinian by choice."

Mike joined the WDAV announcing staff in December 1997 as our morning drive host, and he's been here ever since sharing his enthusiasm for classical music with listeners. When he's not working, you might find Mike reading, running, praying or playing-- he's someone who's never bored, because there always something new to do or learn.

Mike is married to Barbara McKay, another familiar and popular Charlotte TV and radio personality, and they have three children, Erin, Elizabeth, and Michael, who Mike will tell you, are some of the most impressive young people they know.

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